The project was a hit. I was going to photograph 100 women in under a year, in black + white, w/ little to no makeup. I met some amazing women, but after I hit 12 I couldn’t keep it going. Now, let me share with you why not. I had a break between August + September and...

“I feel most beautiful when I feel proud of something I’ve created. A drawing, a photo, a piece of music, or even a flyer for work; if I made it and am happy with it, I feel like its beauty is a reflection of my own.”


“I feel most attractive when I feel happy an...

Who would you like to be photographed with? When I asked Michell this question she asked, "Can my mom join me?"

I find it so beautiful when a daughter invites her mother to a portrait session.

Beth is a portrait + pet photographer based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. She...

“What makes me feel beautiful is being surrounded by the people that I love.” Holly is such a lovely person to be around. I accidentally ran into her at Free People. (I was looking for a pair of bell bottoms to wear to Chicago the next day.) I noticed her turquoise hai...

When I talked to Meg at the beginning of the year about what her goals were for 2018 she said, “ I want to have a baby.” Now, here we are 32 weeks later photographing her bump. Meg and Joel live in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a Nurse Practioner + Joel is a Musician. W...

The other day I received the following message from a concerned participant of Raw Beauty. She said,

“...gotta admit little hesitant.  I don’t want to see some crazy photoshopped version of myself as a before or after version of a dangerous beauty gadget.  But your art...

“ I feel most beautiful when I smile + wear big earrings.” - Jeralynn

When I reached out to my community to see who would be interested in participating for this project, Jeralynn was the first to respond.

Women that come to see me for a portrait session are a little shy...

In May I had a call out to women who were 30 + for a series that I’m currently working on. I called it Raw Beauty. It’s a celebration of women who are being photographed in black and white with little to no makeup. They are inviting their mother’s, daughter’s, sisters,...

Alas! It is Spring and it’s this little ladies last seasonal senior session. She will be going to Marian University on a softball scholarship in the fall. For her senior year Lauren wanted to do a session per season. You can visit the ‘Session Stories’ tab under ‘Topic...

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