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There's nothing that lights me up more than when another photographer asks me for advice. "How do I charge for a shoot?", "How do I share my prices?", "I'm afraid of my client ghosting me.", "How do I get from my portrait business to just shooting boudoir?" Just to name a few.

When I first played with the idea of creating a boutique black and white only boudoir studio, I was afraid. I ran the idea across people that weren't my ideal client demographic and they didn't believe I could do such a niche of photography. Not only a boudoir niche, but a micro niche of black and white. I did it anyway and I took pictures!

I wanted this business bad enough to create it into existence and boy, has it taken off! During lock down in 2020 I decided to do an overhaul of my portfolio and website. While many photography studios were closing their doors, I was running ads and booking clients. I built my model program known as Boudoir Influencer and as we were in lock down longer (than expected) I told my clients there was no rescheduling fee. As everyone knew we wouldn’t have control of the state mandate, but it gave them something to look forward to.

I put a deposit on my studio in downtown Indianapolis on May 15th, 2020, had my first black and white boudoir client on the 20th, and booked out three months in advance with a wait list.

All this to say, 👇

Like my favorite oracle deck creator Rebecca Campbell says, “The world needs your unique tone in order to harmonize.”

With that being said, harmonize with other like minded aspiring boudoir photographers in Boudoir Business Education. I can’t wait to see you there!

Bethany Quinn is the woman behind BB Quinn Photography where she helps modern women feel more confident in their own skin through black + white boudoir photography sessions. We encourage you to grab a glass of wine or sparkling cider, hang out for awhile, and check out more that the blog has to offer!

For more info on booking your own session you can start here.

If you’re a photographer checking out BBQP, WELCOME!!

Check out my aspiring boudoir photographer community at Boudoir Business Education.

Or if you're looking for more guidance on building your boudoir business learn more about

1:1 mentoring.

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