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Let’s start this out by saying thank you. Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself and in your photo shoot experience. This information is detrimental to the success of your shoot, not to mention downright helpful. The better prepared you’ll be, the better the shoot. So, let’s dive in shall we?


  • Robe: It can be awful chilly in the winter months, plus this will help keep anything off of the garment you’ll be wearing for your photo shoot. Added bonus if you bring slippers!

  • Bring your makeup : Some have allergies and sensitivities, some prefer to use their own and that’s ok. Lip gloss is a must and the applicator that comes with it works better than most disposable applicators. If you wear foundation include this in your makeup bag.

  • Clothing/garments/accessories: Anything you want to include in the shoot, bring it! If you’re having trouble deciding between outfits? Bring all of them. We’ve had clients bring half their closet and we’ve helped them choose their outfits prior to shooting. You are free to bring as many outfits as you please, but we’ll only select two for the shoot. Accessories enhances the look of the photos by adding details.


  • Shampoo/Condition the night before your shoot and blow dry as needed.

  • Arrive with dry clean hair.

  • If you color your hair make sure you have your touch up appointment lined up with your hair stylist.

  • Extensions: At BQS we want you to be as much of yourself as possible. You’re beautiful the way you are, girl! Use extensions at your discretion. We’re not properly trained in extension care, but please make sure you clean them the night before for tape or sew in’s. We do not provide any extensions for the shoot. BYOE (Bring your own extensions if you wear them.)

  • Please please please don’t do any drastic cutting or coloring prior to your photo shoot experience. I think we all know why.

HOW TO PREPARE/complexion

  • Drink plenty of water the week of your photo shoot.

  • Avoiding greasy foods helps to prevent breakouts.

  • Arrive to your photo shoot with a fresh makeup free face. If face lotion or oil is a part of your skin care regime then please use at your discretion.

  • Like I mentioned above, bring your makeup as a backup. If there’s a certain color of lipgloss you love, bring it!

  • LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIES PRIOR TO THE SHOOT. Sometimes we grab a quick snack in between takes and would hate for you to have a flare up during your photo shoot experience.

  • Bethany is a licensed cosmetologist as well! Either Tori or Bethany will be doing your hair and makeup.


The Stutz 1045 N Senate Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202 . Park across the street on Senate Ave. (There’s free street parking over there). You’ll see a restaurant from the outside of the building and Bethany will meet you at the green door to the left of the restaurant. Bring change in case the free parking spaces are filled.


60 minutes for dry hair styling and natural makeup.

90 minutes for the shoot w/ three-five outfits.

60 minute break. Feel free to grab lunch or a coffee while Bethany uploads and prepares your images for viewing. The images will be viewed prior to retouching.

60 minutes for viewing and ordering.


The studio is so close to downtown there are tons of options for you to grab a coffee or lunch. Here’s a list of our favorite recommendations and their addresses. Please make sure to take all of your accessories and garments with you prior to leaving for break. We may be holding the viewing and ordering appointment in a separate location from the shoot.

  • Quills Coffee Location: 335 W 9th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202 Phone: (317) 426-1431

  • IUPUI Food Plaza This is the address to Sushi Boss, but there are a ton more options in that plaza. Location: 803 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • Sushi Boss

  • Tandoor and Tikka

  • City BBQ

  • Noodles and Co.

  • Taco Bell

  • And more


Be sure to arrive at the location and time as instructed. Please let me know if you’re running late.

If you have any further questions, please let us know so we can add it to the guide! I can’t wait to meet you and we’re so excited about your photo shoot!


Bethany Quinn is the photographer behind Bethany Quinn Studios where she helps modern women feel more confident in their own skin through black + white boudoir photography sessions. We encourage you to grab a glass of wine or sparkling cider, hang out for awhile, and check out more that the blog has to offer!

If you’re a photographer checking out BQS, WELCOME!!


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