Ms S.'s Birthday Session: The Ultimate Girls Day In

Tori (my makeup and hair stylist) and I rolled up to this beautiful Victorian yellow home in southern Indiana one early fall afternoon. Miss S. was right about how this place was a perfect photography location. There were animals greeting us upon our arrival as well as the nine wonderful women that I was about to photograph. Our hostess shook my hand and immediately gave me a glass of wine. “We’re celebrating today and you should too!” I typically don’t drink when I work, but after all we were celebrating Miss S’s birthday and friendships that have lasted over a decade.

Our hostess gave us a tour of her gorgeous home. She rents it out as a small wedding venue. Her kitchen is a dream of bright pinks, blues, and whites. “I thought we all could wear vintage lingerie for our beauty shop set up.” I instantly fall in love with this girl as she’s super accommodating to her friends, Tori, and I.

Tori starts on hair and makeup as our hostess yells to me from the other room, “Here help me take this out into the yard.” carrying a white ottoman. Miss S. is enjoying a glass of wine and chatting with her seven other besties as she’s in hair and makeup.

I go outside and set up the scene. We’re doing one group shot outside in black and white clothing and another on the back patio where there’ s two vintage hair dryers. It’s just too great!

As I set up my flash outside, there’s a little kitty that’s more than willing to be my stand in for testing my light. There’s a precious corgi/cattle dog mix that’s ready for kisses as I go back and forth from the house.

Everyone had an amazing time and as we were leaving, the party was going on all afternoon long.

Bethany Quinn is the woman behind BB Quinn Photography where she helps modern women feel more confident in their own skin through black + white boudoir photography sessions. We encourage you to grab a glass of wine or sparkling cider, hang out for awhile, and check out more that the blog has to offer!

If you’re a photographer checking out BBQP, WELCOME!!

For more info on booking your own session you can start here.

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