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What the clients are saying about their experiences.



"With being plus size, I was so nervous going into the shoot and was second guessing even doing it. So many people will tell that plus size and boudoir don't mix but you were the complete opposite. You embraced my size and made me feel so comfortable and gorgeous the whole time! Looking at the pictures I've been able to finally see what my husband has been seeing for all these years. I can look at these pictures and feel sexy and be plus size at the same time. Something I never thought possible."



"I was concerned that I would have to be completely nude which made me very nervous. Bethany was so charismatic and helpful throughout the whole process! I have a boost of confidence in myself and my body after the shoot. I think the session was pretty flawless!


"It was good, fully met my expectations.

It was definitely a confidence booster. Bethany made me feel comfortable and was very motivating."


"I was more comfortable

than I thought I would be!

I feel proud that I allowed myself the vulnerability to do it and I tried to find something I loved about my body in every photo. It definitely made me feel beautiful inside and out! It was a wonderful experience as it is!"


"I had SUCH a fun time doing my boudoir shoot with Beth! She was fun, creative and professional. I felt comfortable in my skin and her interactions with me while she was shooting made me feel confident, respected and, most importantly, BEAUTIFUL."


"Beth Quinn is fabulous to work with. Through the lens of her expertise, she finds what is uniquely you and allows that to come through on the printed canvas! With her artistic perspective she guided me the photography journey ensuring my comfort from the moment I arrived."


"Excellent experience! Beth you are so amazing and so talented! I felt like a queen in your & Tori’s hands.

Thank you!"


“It's an absolute pleasure working with Bethany and her team! Very professional and extremely talented.”


“I have worked with Beth many times and it is always such a great time. She is truly talented in what she does. Her work is amazing and beautiful just like her!”


“Bethany is a dream to work with! Highly recommend her!”


“She is an extremely talented photographer and is an amazing person! I've never felt so comfortable and had fun with her during my shoots, she's professional and personal at the same time. I look forward

to many more shoots with her!”


Girl you fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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