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This may sound crazy, but I’ve known Rowan before she was even born! She’s my cousin, and we’re 12 years apart in age. I remember going into her nursery, after her mom decorated it a few weeks before she was born, and thought, “There’s going to be a little baby living in this room soon. I wonder what kind of person she’ll be?” Now that she’s 20 she has a life of her own. She’s a future nurse, army wife and lives with her hilariously adorable husband, Eddie, in Ft. Hood, Texas.

When Rowan was little, she was always at our house. She’s more like a little sister to me than a cousin. We use to tell people that we were sisters. So, when we were planning on going to Galveston with them, I couldn’t resist but to suggest we do a glam shoot on the beach at sunset. I asked them how they met and well...I’ll let Rowan tell the rest…..Here’s their story…...


“Eddie and I met our junior year of high school but didn't become close or interested in each other until our senior year. Around Christmas he asked my friend, Tayler, for my phone number and started showing interest in me. We hung out just as friends once then went on a few dates and by New Year's Eve we had started dating exclusively.


I love how he takes care of things and supports us. He always makes sure I know how loved I am ;)

(When I asked Eddie what he loves about Row.) “Everything!” (How sweet is that!? Ok anyway.)


I was beyond ecstatic about moving to Texas. The day couldn't come fast enough because I felt like it was the day I could finally become an adult. I was moving out of my parents house and into the one I would share with my husband and when we got there I loved it immediately. There was a whole new set of places to go and I got to meet so many new people.


Eddie toured Afghanistan from May to December of 2016. When Eddie deployed I was terrified and heartbroken. I knew he would most likely be perfectly fine and wouldn't even see much, if any, direct combat but it's still terrifying when the person you love is being sent to a place where groups of people might try to kill him. I was heartbroken because I knew I was going to miss him like crazy.

Every time I heard from him, through letters, phone calls, texts, any form of communication from him brought me peace of mind. Just hearing that he was okay and nothing dangerous was happening made me feel a thousand times better.


I would give the same advice that was given to me. Stay busy, always keep your phone close by, and stay in touch with FRG (the group of people who give out important info on the deployment).”


Since I last talked to Row, she passed the test needed to get into the nursing program at CTC. I am beyond excited for both of them!




Beth is a portrait, wedding, + pet photographer based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a BS in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Indianapolis. She loves hiking with her dog Koda, old family photographs, gardening, and traveling with her husband Andrew.


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