Radical Self Love is My Why

February 14, 2020



Being a photographer, to me, is much deeper than taking pretty photos, including every session with hair and makeup, or even "capturing memories that will last a lifetime." It's about how you feel while you're being photographed.


My purpose is to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin, because every woman that walks in my door is going through something. Let’s touch on the subject of perfectionism, or how society “tells us how to be perfect.”


This is an age old expectation in order for women to have any value they have to be married, with children, have a certain waist size, have dinner ready on the table by 5pm when their partners get home from work, and not have their own thoughts or opinions because it’s considered to be “un-lady like.”


These traditions carry over today. From what we see on the shelves in the line at the grocery store to the new year new you diet trends. I’m here to tell you, I feel the pressure too. Not to bash all diet plans if one’s goal is to eat healthy so one can be healthy and that makes one feel good? Then go for it, girl! What I’m talking about is the pressure to feel like my healthy body isn’t “good enough” or feeling up to the standards of our society. When the reality is this, It’s none of society’s business on what my body looks like, how they can control my body, or how I feel about my body. P-E-R-I-O-D.


When women I love most talk about how much they hate their arms, their neck, their belly, or whatever it is, my heart breaks. I want to shake them and tell them (Sometimes I do.) “Do you not understand how lonely this world would be without you? Your body is a blessed vessel that carries who you really are.”  


Radical self love is when you are happy with yourself no matter what, sometimes putting your own needs first before you can help others, and pushing back against society’s norms of what “the perfect woman should be.” If not for yourself, do it for the generations that come after you and how you’ll be showing them that it’s ok to love yourself. That’s pretty punk rock.


To me being a photographer is helping others find their freedom and help one find their own inner beauty that I see in them. 


Eat dessert. Do something that’s comforting to you. Cry at the movies. For God sakes quit saying you’re sorry and TAKE. UP. SOME. DAMN. SPACE.


What’s your version of radical self love? Comment below.






Bethany Quinn is the woman behind BB Quinn Photography where she helps  modern women feel more confident in their own skin through black + white boudoir photography sessions. We encourage you to grab a glass of wine or sparkling cider, hang out for awhile, and check out more that the blog has to offer!


 If you’re a photographer checking out BBQP, WELCOME!! 


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