Frequently asked questions about BB Quinn Photography 



Q: How is BBQP practicing safe procedures?

A: At BBQP there's only one photo appointment a day. When coming in contact during hair and makeup gloves and masks will be worn by the stylist. Please bring your mask as you enter the building, once in the studio you are free to take it off. Every surface, makeup brushes, hair combs, etc that comes in contact with a client will be cleaned and sanitized before and after every session.

Q: Where do I park?

A: You can park on the free parking areas across the street from the building on the Senate Ave. side. You don't have to park here, it's only a suggestion the important place to be is at the correct entrance, but feel free to park wherever it is convenient. I am located downtown, so make sure you give yourself enough time for parking and bring change just in case!

Q: Which door do I go to?

A: I will meet you at the main entrance of the building. The address for that: 1055 N Senate Ave. D-Bldg. Indianapolis, IN 46202

Be sure to bring your mask! Keep it on while we go up to the studio. As a part of my building's policy, there will be no lingering in the hallways.

Q: With restaurants still being closed, where do I go for my break?

A: During our phone call or welcome email I mentioned a break period. The Bear Cat restaurant is still doing carryout only. If you wish to grab some food you are welcome to come back up to the studio and eat while I upload your images and prepare them for viewing.

Q: What is your policy on bringing friends or my partner?

A: With our building adjusting to new policies and procedures it is highly stressed that no other parties attend the photo shoot appointment besides you and I. This helps reduce the number of people entering the building at one time. Please, don't bring anyone else to your session at this time.





Q: "You only shoot in black + white?"

A: Yes! BBQP is black + white specialized and Bethany thinks everything looks best in black and white.

Q: “Do you shoot weddings?”

A: As much as BBQP loves weddings, no Bethany does not. Bethany would much rather be a guest than a photographer at a wedding. But, you should check out our friends Ivan and Louise.


Q: “What exactly is it that you do?”

A: BBQP is a boudoir photography studio located in Indianapolis, Indiana. BBQP creates hair and makeup model for a day experiences.


Q: “All of your clients look like models, how much editing do you do?”

A: Why, thank you so much! Bethany does very little to no editing. BBQP wants you to look like yourself, not some made up version of who you think you should be.


Q: “Am I too old to do this?”

A: I want you to say this out loud, “I AM NEVER TOO OLD TO DO ANYTHING….ANYTHING!” Rinse and repeat.


Q: “I want to have this experience so bad, but I’m not photogenic/ hate to be in front of the camera.”

A: Honey, you are BBQP’s perfect client! Bethany will guide you through natural poses from your head to your toes.


Q: I’m pretty shy, how many people are on your team?

A: A typical shoot consists of Bethany, an assistant, and hair/makeup stylist.

Q: Who will be present during my boudoir session?

A: Bethany (of course) and the hair + makeup stylist will stick around to help with touch ups.

Q: What will you do with the images I don't choose?

A: The images you discard are deleted immediately. We take privacy very seriously.



Q: How much do you cost?

A: Please see our pricing section. If you are wanting something specific then leave us a message in 'Contact' section.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: We believe our worth and prices are set based on that. We do not offer any discounts ever.


​Q: “How do I book with BBQP?”

A: You can go here to book! Select your date, fill out the form, and pay your session fee retainer.



Q: “How many outfits can I bring?”

A: Three to five outfits. Let us know if you want to bring more! We've had people bring half their closet. Granted, we won't shoot every single outfit. We love variety!


Q: “Can I bring a friend or my partner?”

A: This is a session for ladies only. At BBQP we ask that your partner stays home. We wouldn't want to ruin the surprise of sharing your images with your partner. It's more like a day out with your besties and if you need their opinion for outfits or some hype women, BBQP absolutely welcomes them.


Q: Who will be doing my hair and makeup?

A: A professional hair and makeup artist from the team or Bethany. (Bethany has had her cosmetology license since 2011!)




Q: When you say “makeover” what do you mean exactly?

A: A dry hair styling and natural makeup application that's true to you. You can tell the stylist where your comfort level is with makeup heaviness.


Q: What do I wear to my session?

A: We can help with that! Bring as many outfits that you are for sure wanting to be photographed in and some that you're not as sure. We can go through the looks together and make selections. Also, have you seen the blog? There's a lot of info on wardrobe.


Q: When do I get to see my photos from the shoot?

A: The same day as your shoot! You'll either go grab some lunch or a coffee while I prepare your images for you to see and make orders based on only what you love. All the images you see will not be retouched, until you make your final selections.

Q: When can I expect my order to come in?

A: After your final payment has been made, allow 3-4 weeks for us to prepare, order, and ship. We'll keep you posted along the way.

Q: “Do I get digital files?”

A: Depending upon what arrangements were made at your viewing and ordering appointment.


Q: “What print products do you have?”

A: At the moment BBQP has 5x5 albums, 8x8 albums, 10x10 albums album collections, 8x12 album collections, + Metal Wall Art. If there’s something specific that you’re looking for, Bethany would be happy to accommodate you! But you won't know what you want until you see your images for the first time!

This is a living FAQ. If you have a question that you don’t see here, fill out the info below and we’ll add it to the list!