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5 Outfit Options That Will Drop Them In Their Tracks | Indianapolis IN Boudoir Photographer

When you’re starting out in the world of intimates, knowing what to wear can be more than a little intimidating. But, that’s okay. You’re not alone!

Whether you’re getting ready for a photo shoot, or just planning on having some fun, knowing the best lingerie options for your body type is the first step to rocking them.

The best part is you might actually be surprised by how many unique and beautiful ways you can wear these fun and fabulous lingerie styles.

Bra and Underwear Sets

Let’s start things off with a more traditional option, but flavored with a little zest. Try finding some bra and underwear sets in matte, black, white, or primary colors to bring out your natural glow. Still not sure? You can never go wrong with black! Black is classic and timeless. If your midsection is an area you feel a little self conscious about, try to avoid low-rise panties, and reach for the mid-rise to high-rise, instead.


Corsets might be one of the best known lingerie options, but the key is to keep them classy. Try finding one with a sweetheart neckline, to accentuate your curves. Corsets that have a straight bust area can actually flatten your girls, and nobody wants that!

Bodysuits/Shape Wear

If you’re a little self conscious about your midsection, try a sexy body suit. Not only is this style of lingerie perfect for showing off your curves, but shape wear can actually be more flattering, while leaving a bit more to the imagination.

Lace and Layers

When you’re choosing outfits don’t be afraid to go for those creative pieces. Don’t be afraid to try more adventurous pieces that are intricately made, or use lace to bring in a bit of texture.


Like every great outfit, your outfits can be paired with the right accessories. And the great thing about these accessories is that they don’t have to be expensive! Try a pair of thigh highs and a garter belt (only about $8-$10 on Amazon) and watch your outfit jump to a whole new level.


Bethany Quinn is the photographer behind Bethany Quinn Studios where she helps modern women feel more confident in their own skin through black + white boudoir photography sessions. We encourage you to grab a glass of wine or sparkling cider, hang out for awhile, and check out more that the blog has to offer!

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